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How to Apply the Kailo Pain Patch Adhesive

How to Apply the Kailo Pain Patch Adhesive

Follow the steps in this video to learn how to place your Kailo pain patch using the adhesive backing. Location is everything. You'll know you've found the right spot when your Kailo pain patch starts to tingle or warm up. You should feel relief from your pain within seconds. Kailo is a non-transdermal pain patch made up of millions of charged nanocapacitors that act as bioantennas that work with your body's natural electrical system to relieve pain without medication. Everyone's pain is unique. That's why Kailo pain patch placement is not the same for everyone. It could take several tries and several minutes to find the proper location for Kailo to work on your nervous system to get the pain relief you desire. The video will discuss three components to help you find the correct placement. You'll learn: 1. How to properly orient the pain patch for best pain relief; 2. Where to first place the pain patch on your body to achieve optimal results; and 3. How to move the Kailo patch along the pathway of your nervous system to find the best relief for your pain. For other site specific pain, check out this Kailo placement guide: Outsmart your pain. Go Kailo. • Wearable • Reusable • Waterproof • Drug free (no opioids) • Easy to use Learn more about Kailo at Check out or video library to see how Kailo is helping people get their life back — pain-free and easy: To get the latest testimonies and updates about Kailo pain patches, subscribe to our YouTube channel: Kailo is the future of pain relief.
HOW TO: A Guide for the BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Self Test

HOW TO: A Guide for the BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Self Test

Finally: a fast, proven and trusted COVID-19 test that is readily available to the public. Simply purchase at a retail store near you and perform the test in the comfort and convenience of your home, with results in 15 minutes. This demo includes step-by-step instructions on how to take a BinaxNOW COVID-19 Self Test. Here are a few other frequently asked questions to help guide you: 1. How is the test administered? Using the BinaxNOW Self Test is simple, even for people who have never tested themselves. People will only need to perform a minimally invasive nasal swab (not the deeper nasopharyngeal swab) and all materials required to perform the test (swab, test card, and reagent solution) will come in the box. Each test kit will include an illustrated quick reference guide that provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the test. 2. Who should use this test? The test is indicated for all people aged 15 years or older and for children as young as two years old when samples are collected by an adult. The test can be used for people with and without symptoms. 3. Should people who were vaccinated use this test? Testing will remain an essential part of our short- and long-term COVID-19 recovery strategy. BinaxNOW will be a key tool alongside vaccination as we get back to life. We don’t yet know how long the vaccine confers immunity for and how variants will evolve. 4. How will people report their test results? People are encouraged to follow the latest CDC guidelines, which is to communicate your results to your healthcare provider, who is responsible for reporting your test results to the state health department. 5. How many tests come in a package? The test will come in a 2-count box. 6. How long should people wait between taking BinaxNOW Self Tests? The tests should be administered twice over three days with at least 36 hours between tests. 7. Can the BinaxNOW Self Test be thrown into the garbage after use? Users can dispose of the test in common household waste in line with the test’s instructions for use. 8. How do I know if I have a positive or negative test? To check for a positive result, look at the result window for two pink or purple lines. Even a faint line next to sample is a positive result. A negative result will have only one pink or purple line on the top half of the results window where it says control. 9. What if my test result is invalid? If your results window has any of the following, the test result may be invalid: • No lines appear by control or sample • The control line is blue and not pink/purple • There is a pink/purple line by sample, but no line by control • The control line is blue, but the sample is pink/purple If you see an invalid result, contact technical support at: 1-833-637-1594 Have additional questions? For further information about the BinaxNOW Self Test or to reach customer support, please visit: Learn more: Subscribe to the Abbott Channel and receive automatic updates: RELATED VIDEOS: - The Hunt for New COVID-19 Variants: Find out more about us on Connect with us on ... Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: YouTube:


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